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<3 fluffy hunni bunny



girl gangs make me swoon so hard

Lemme be you

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Matilda, Directed by Danny DeVito. (1996)


oh yeah!

Backstage at Chanel Haute Couture S/S 2014 by Anne Combaz


ellie rowsell from wolf alice

sleeping by myself
curled up like a question mark
come and answer me

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Damn… *snaps*

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friendly reminder that you don’t have to…

  • degrade men to support women
  • degrade heterosexuals to support homosexuals
  • degrade binary genders to support non-binary genders
  • degrade anything to support something else

Important reminder that:

  • The validity of a liberation…


have you ever brought up a topic like ableism or misogyny or cissexism around people you love and trust and just seen the boredom and exasperation and ‘here we go again’ in their eyes and suddenly felt a little bit less safe

I really hate it when men say that they don’t “understand women”. “Women” is not a subject in school. Women are PEOPLE. Try understanding us as PEOPLE not as the mysterious “emotional creatures” that you’ve made us out to be. Some women are complex; some are very easy to read. We are not a monolith.

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a bit done with gifsets of skinny white people having sex on my dash


temporarily falling in love with the boy sat infront of you on public transport